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Can triops be in the same tank as small 1-inch minnows? Will the minnows kill triop eggs or infants or attack?

Question by Kat: Can triops be in the same tank as small 1-inch minnows? Will the minnows kill triop eggs or infants or attack?
Also, do minnows eat fairy shrimp? I know triops do.

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Answer by Dan M
I think you asked this same question twice. Triops and minnows cannot be kept together. It all depends on relative size and who attacks first that determines who survives this experiment. If there are any survivors, that is.

Minnows will find and eat the Triops and the Triops eggs of any size. The adult Triops may catch and eat one of the small minnows, but this will not stop the other minnows from trying to kill and eat the Triops.

Minnows eat fairy shrimp, daphnia, cyclops, Triops and anything else that could hatch out of a Triops kit. Cyclops can chew on your fish, so they are not a good choice as a live food.

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Two Minutes of Triops

My five Triops go about their Triopsical activities.
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How to remove the Eggs/Sand from the Triops Parent tank

How to remove Triops eggs from the tank the parrents are in.

how to grow your own triops

this is how to grow your own triops except i didnt have any eggs left then so i didnt have it in the video
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Just showing the actinic display so far. This is dusk and the moonlights should kick in soon. You can see the cleaner shrimp begin to brave more open area.
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My First Triops Day 3-7

You can all watch them grow with me ^^ So today is actually day 8 for them, but in my last video I went from day 1-3 and now I’ve done day 3-7 using the same song! Its amazing thinking that just over a week ago it was a little egg ^^ Squiggles has started to be a lot more active, I’m guessing its just because he/shes growing lol. But its very interesting to watch! ^^ As I said at the end of the video, my smaller triop died, I’m guessing Squiggles killed it, but obviously I’m not certain! I have a few plans for Squiggles…there are a few risks but being a beginner Squiggles is like an experiment to see if I can look after them and to find out what I can and can’t do! I thought I’d lost him/her once and to be honest I don’t really want to loose him/her for real…but obviously they don’t last long and I need to experiment a bit so I can get it right in the future! My plan is to put Squiggles into a bigger tank which I bought the other day! It is long so has plenty of room for him/her…but its quite high and need to be 3/4 filled for the heater to work properly and keep the temperature where it needs to be! Also, I know what triops are meant to be like and that they will eat smaller fish and each other and bigger fish might eat them etc…but I read on a website that they don’t harm Neon Tetras, is that true? And can Tetras survive in distilled water? I would love to be able to add them to the tank to add a bit of colour and make it all a bit more interesting…but I don’t
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My First Triops

My baby triops hatched a few days ago…along with a few sea monkeys, and I am in love with them already! I’m hoping they make it to be adults! This is the first time I have tried to hatch some and was so happy when they hatched…now I just have to keep them alive! I know for definate that I have 2 in there…but its hard to see all of them cos they are still so small! Then I found out about this song and just had to use it…so here are some photos and videos of my little triops on their first few days! ^^ If they do make it to adulthood, which is usually after about a week, I will be making another video showing them from day 3-7 and I will probably use the same song ^^ Blame Youtube for the bad quality! Song: Triops Has Three Eyes Artist: They Might Be Giants Lyrics: Rabbits have two eyes And whales have two eyes And eagles have two eyes But triops has three eyes Triops has three eyes Two eyes on a face Are usually enough But triops has got One that looks up And one that looks around And one to keep an eye On the other pair of guys Triops has three eyes Needles have an eye Tornadoes have an eye Potatoes have a lot of eyes But triops has three eyes Triops has three eyes Everything with eyes Has some amount of eyes And triops has got One that looks up And one that looks around And one to keep an eye On the other pair of guys Triops has three eyes There are two sides to every story But triangles have three And the tricycle has one more cycle than the washing machine
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More triops antics

This shows just how crazily these little guys swim ALL THE TIME!!!! heh. UPDATE: 3-31-09, The last triops died early this morning. I was really sorry to see the little guy go. I’d grown accustomed to watching him swim around searching for food. I moved the triops into a 1.5 gallon aquarium with four small guppies and two ghost shrimp. The triops (and I know this makes no sense) seemed happy to have tank mates again. The triops also seemed to enjoy searching the gravel to find bits of missed fish food. All in all the triops experiment.. (or should I say “experience”?) was a success. These are fascinating creatures from another time and as you watch them you can see where evolution led. Definitely worth the time and effort and I’m glad I did it. I’m looking into other small creatures to raise. I hope to be getting fairy and clam shrimp eggs soon. I’m also working on changing the 1.5gallon aquarium into a live planted environment. Videos to come!
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My fishy getting fed. He is an aquasaur, which is in the tadpole shrimp family. I got him for Christmas. He is about 25 days old.

My Triops 4

Ok, so these damn things are now huge. I changed their water, house & cleaned the sand this morning. Hopefully I didn’t just kill them :( I noticed that they are flaring around & acting like they are having sceizures. One just molted his exoskeleton which was pretty awesome watching it shed. They are now one week & one day old.
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Imatges preses un dia després de l’ anterior vídeo. Els embrions presenten un aspecte lleugerament allargat. S’ aprecien també a simple vista, per primera vegada, alguns inventerbrats nedant al’ aigua, possiblement artèmies. Images taken a day after the former clip. The embryos look slightly elongated now. The first invertebrates are now visible to the naked eye, probably young fairy shrimp.
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Alpha Baby Triops

This is the oldest of the new hatchlings. I actually found this one hatched in the tank holding the adult mother of these eggs, so I yanked it out before it became Mama’s Lunch. It has at least a full day’s growth ahead of the other eggs, as its birth is what prompted me to siphon out the eggs and get them dried for storage.
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I miei Triops a 6 giorni!

I miei Triops a 6 giorni, con tanti altri animaletti (quello che si muove veloce è un fairy shrimp)