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Ok, so… do fairies HAVE to really puny and tiny?

Question by Sylus Alexander: Ok, so… do fairies HAVE to really puny and tiny?
I just really want to know, because in my story there’s this boy fairy and — I don’t want to tell anyone so they don’t steal my ideas. Ok, so I personally really don’t like fairies, but I’ll accept it for this story… lmeo.

Now, I know that fairies are really puny, and small, and tiny, and shrimps, and diminutive, and petite, and pocket – sized human beings…. but I just want to know if there are any human sized fairies!? Please answer my question peepoles! I really want to know! Because I just don’t like the puny shrimps… pardon my language. *^_^*

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Answer by Carver
puny shrimps, oh heavens to betsy, the profanity!
Anyway, I think elves can be considered human height? They are fictional so make them what you want.

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what are sea monkeys really are?

Question by Guppies G: what are sea monkeys really are?
are they brine shrimp?or fairy shrimp?they both look the same when they are born.



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Answer by Ali
They are brine shrimp. And unfortunately they can not build castles or have a king… the box lies.

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