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2 gallon fish bowl, 3 guppies?

Question by Noo: 2 gallon fish bowl, 3 guppies?
at least 2 gallons of water (its about 10 liters), 3 tiny guppies, plants, filtration gravel, clean water, not fed too much, 1 cup of water changed everyday, lots of love, thinking of adding some fairy shrimp.

am i cruel?
people tell me im cruel for keeping a fish bowl?!
i’m paranoid now :( lady in shop said it was fine!
i think i have my measurements on the tank wrong. its a huge bowl, probs about 30cm’s radius then it bulbs out at the bottom.

if i knew it was cruel i wouldnt have done it!
i love fish and thats why i wanted to keep them, i thought pet shop lady could be trusted!

Best answer:

Answer by Kim
Fish bowls are not for fish. Guppies need 10 gallons and 4-5 guppies would stock a 10 gallon fish tank.

It is rather cruel the water is not heated. And guppies need 78-80.

Edit: It’s not only the size but the shape of a bowl that is bad. It doesn’t have much surface area which limits the amount of oxygen in the water. You can’t put a proper filter in there Undergeravel filters are really glorified bubblers they only trap waste under the gravel where it’s hard to reach and clean out. They don’t cycle because of the size and shape.

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