Stocking a 30 gallon FOWLR tank?

Question by Diver1070: Stocking a 30 gallon FOWLR tank?
I plan on starting up a 30 gallon FOWLR tank sometime this Fall. I was thinking about something along the lines of this:

A pair of Percula clowns
A Coral Beauty dwarf angelfish
A 3-4″ Fairy wrasse or Flasher wrasse
A goby or blenny of some kind (like a Canary Fang Blenny, Bicolor Blenny, or Shrimp Goby)
And either an Orchid or Sunrise Dottyback, or a Starcki Damsel

The clowns are non-negotiable, but the dottybacks aren’t. I know they can be real hellions, so a Starcki Damsel would easily replace them. For the others, any substitutes would be open to change.

Also, would just a Marineland Emperor or Penguin filter be enough with live rock, or would I need a protein skimmer as well?

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Answer by Mike
You really cant compare liver rock and filters to a skimmer. With a 30 gallon tank, the Skimmer is really not something worth having. Weekly water changes will keep organic waste down. 30 gallon tanks can normally only use mini skimmers and these are pieces of crap according to everyone that’s used them.

Personally, I’d never get a 30 gallon salt water tank unless I was getting a nano cube for a small reef tank which i do have a 12G. It would be so benificial to spend a little extra money and get a 55 gallon unless room is a unmanagable issue. This would give you the easy option to upgrade by adding a nice sump, good skimmer, then anything else you could want. With a good skimmer in a 55 gallon you could reduce your water changes. You can very easily find a 55 gallon tank on craigslist for less than it would cost to by a 30 gallon new. This would also make things easier later if you want to start letting your clowns breed. Most salt water tanks are advised to be atleast 45 gallons

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  • Water logged:

    Good luck with that stocking. (super overstocked, but you can try to manage with frequent water changes). Hope you have the money to waste.

    The dottybacks will harass the other fish, the clowns will be monsters when breeding, better to get ocellaris which are a little more peaceful, the angel will really tax your bioload, and the flasher wrasse will most likely jump out or at least not look as nice as it could since it cannot be in a proper school and will be extremely stressed and cramped, a fairy wrasse might be ok, but make sure you give any wrasse a nice sandbed (they sleep in the sand). The blenny will hang out in the rock mostly and should be generally OK, but will fight with similar fish.

    A skimmer is a much better choice than that filter adn would be one smart choice in what you have talked about. Try to add some caulerpa or other marine algae to the tank to help keep he nitrates down to help you manage water quality. It will also help prevent undesired algae. A refugium is a great choice.

    Try to have an average of about 600 gph of water movement for that size tank.

    Good luck!

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